Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments [Get all Mythical Enchantments]

Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments

Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments are powerful upgrades you can make to your weapons or armour in Shadow Fight 2. They come in various types, including fire damage, bleed damage, critical hit chance, health regeneration, and more. These enchantments can be unlocked by purchasing them from the store or through gameplay rewards such as winning duels or completing quests. I will give you complete guidelines about Shadow Fight 2 enchantments in this article.

Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments are Bonuses 

Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed game with a massive following worldwide. The game’s combat system, immersive storyline, and graphics make it highly addictive and intriguing. One of the exciting aspects of Shadow Fight 2 is enchantments, which allow your weapons and armour to possess unique abilities.

Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments are bonuses found on melee weapons, armour, helms, ranged weapons and magic in Shadow Fight 2 . Enchantments are crucial to Shadow Fight 2, providing powerful bonuses to players’ weapons and equipment. These bonuses can enhance everything from melee weapons to ranged weapons and magic, making them invaluable in the game’s toughest battles. Enchantments are found on various items, including armour, helms, melee weapons, ranged weapons and magic.

There are 25 enchantment options available in Shadow Fight 2, with most focusing on increasing damage output or defensive capabilities. Some popular Shadow Fight 2 enchantments include Bleeding, Poisoning and Critical Chance for melee weapons; Piercing Shot for ranged weapons; and Magic Steal or Recharge for magical abilities. Players can also choose between different rarity levels when selecting enchantments – from Common to Legendary – which provide increasingly powerful benefits as they become rarer.

Different Ways Of Obtaining Enchantments

 Different Ways Of Obtaining Enchantments

In this article, we’ll explore the four ways of obtaining Shadow Fight 2 enchantments.

By Purchasing Items

Firstly, you can purchase enchantments from the shop using coins or gems. The shop offers various enchantments for each weapon and armour type, which can significantly enhance their performance in battles. However, some enchantments may only be available at higher levels, so players need to progress through the game to unlock them.

By Treading 

Another way to obtain powerful Shadow Fight 2 enchantments is through trading with villagers. Villagers offer enchanted books which have powerful spells for your armour and tools. These trades require emeralds, so it’s essential to make sure you have enough before engaging in these transactions.

Another way of obtaining enchantments is by fishing, where players can fish up enchanted books randomly as they cast their line.

Enchanting Items Through The Forge.

A Forge is a block or a shop that allows players to upgrade weapons and armour with enchanted books. Once you have created a Forge, you must place the item you wish to enchant inside it with an enchanted book. The book should contain the desired enchantment for your item. In Forge, every item is enchanted by using Shadow Orbs. Green, Red, and Blue are the three main types of orbs in the Forge.

  • Green orbs are the simple and most common type of orbs. You can get green orbs in every fight.
  •  Red Orbs are the second most common forge orbs. You can get your red orbs in a fight during eclipse mode.
  •  Purple Orbs: It is the last and rare type of forge orbs. You can get them after opening the mystery box. You also get them by defeating the Demon.
How to get enchantments

Winning Fights In Certain Game Modes

Winning fights against particular enemies or participating in certain game modes may reward the player with special items with enchantments. Winning fights against particular enemies is the method that allows you to gain specific enchantments as rewards for defeating challenging opponents. For example, if you defeat an Ender Dragon, you will receive an enchantment that protects you from fire damage.

Participating in certain game modes is another way of obtaining Shadow Fight 2 enchantments. Game modes such as raids or dungeons allow players to find enchanted items by completing various objectives or challenges. These items can then upgrade your gear or weapons with new abilities.

Obtaining Event Item

One method is obtaining an event item, which always comes with an enchantment. Crafting enchanted items requires specific materials and knowledge of the craft, but it allows players to customize their equipment according to their needs and preferences.

Lastly, some games offer a chance-based system where players can gain enchantments through random drops or rewards from completing quests or challenges. This method often elicits excitement and anticipation as players hope to get lucky with rare drops that contain powerful enchantments.

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Types of Shadow Fight 2 enchantment

One type of Shadow Fight 2 enchantment is the elemental enchantment, which gives weapons an elemental effect such as fire or electricity. Another type is the blood enchantment, which allows players to drain health from enemies with every hit they land. The third type is the life-steal enchantment, which provides healing only when a player lands a critical hit on an opponent. The curse enchantment also reduces enemy attack power, while vulnerability and poison enchants damage opponents over time. 

The Forge 

The Forge is the first type of Shadow Fight 2 enchantment, allowing you to add gems to your weapons or armour. These gems offer advantages such as increased damage, improved defence, critical hit chance, or health regeneration. You can obtain gems by winning battles or purchasing them with coins or real money. Once you have acquired a gem, please insert it into an empty slot on your weapon or armour at The Forge.

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Strategic Depth

Shadow Fight 2 Enchantments add a layer of depth to the game’s combat mechanics. Players must strategically choose which enchantments to apply to their gear, taking into account their fighting style, strengths, and weaknesses.

Simple Recipes 

Simple Recipes is the second type of Shadow Fight 2 enchantment, one of the easiest to obtain. In simple enchantments, green orbs are used. These enchantments can be created using basic materials like iron or wood, making them perfect for beginners just starting the game. Some examples of Simple Recipes include:

  • Lethal Poison,” which adds poison damage to your attacks.
  •  “Thorn,” which reflects damage at your opponents.
  •  “Weakness” which adds weakness to the enemy.
  •  “Damage absorption, which absorbs all damage in your body and head.
  •  “Bloodrage”, which increases your damage rate.

Medium Recipes

Medium Recipes is the third type of Shadow Fight 2 enchantment. It offers a moderate boost to your weapon’s statistics while providing an additional effect that can give you an edge in combat. In medium recipes, Red orbs are used. To obtain Medium Recipe enchantments, you must defeat certain bosses or complete specific challenges within the game. Once acquired, these recipes can be used to forge new weapons or upgrade existing ones. Some examples include:

  • “Poisoning” which deals damage over time
  •  “life steals,” which gives you a chance to replenish your health.
  •  “Bleeding”, which causes enemies to lose health as they move; and
  •  “Critical Strike Chance” increases the likelihood of critical hits landing.
  •  “Frenzy” help you to increase melee damage by 150%.

Mythical Recipes

Mythical Recipes is the fourth type of Shadow Fight 2 enchantment that allows players to mix and match different ingredients to create powerful elixirs. In mythical recipes, red, green and purple orbs are used. These elixirs can boost players’ stats or provide them with unique abilities during combat. However, creating these recipes requires a lot of trial and error, as some combinations may yield little value. To get started with Mythical Recipes, players must collect various ingredients from battles or purchase them from merchants in-game. Following are some mythical recipes:

  • Crimson corruption“, which gives periodic damage to your enemy.
  • Icy Resistance” increases your damage for the next three hits.
  • Karma” heals your health if you are injured and increases your damage rate if you are fully healthy.
mythical enchantments

Unavailable Or Unimplemented Enchantments

One type of Shadow Fight 2 enchantment that players may come across in Shadow Fight 2 is an unavailable or unimplemented enchantment. These are typically rare or experimental enchantments removed from the game before release or have yet to be added to the game’s official roster of available abilities. While these can be frustrating, they can also be exciting opportunities for players who enjoy exploring new content and mechanics.

Special Challenge Enchantments

Special Challenge Enchantments are among the most interesting Shadow Fight 2 enchantments. These enchantments can only be obtained by completing certain challenges in the game. They provide unique bonuses that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. For example, one Special Challenge Enchantment increases your damage with consecutive hits while another increases your critical hit chance after dodging attacks. To obtain these enchantments, players must complete specific challenges, including defeating certain enemies with specific conditions or defeating bosses within a certain time limit.


In conclusion, Shadow Fight 2 enchantments are a great way to increase your chances of winning battles and progressing through the game. With various enchantments, players can customize their weapons and armour to suit their playstyle and tackle any opponent. It is important to carefully consider which enchantments to use based on your preferred fighting style and the opponents you will face. With practice and experimentation, players can master the art of enchanting in Shadow Fight 2. So why not give it a try in your next battle? Good luck!

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