Shadow Fight 2 (2.34.6) Download Latest Version

Shadow Fight 2 (2.34.6) Download Latest Version

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Released on

  • Jul 22, 2014
Game NameShadow Fight 2
Required Android5.0 and up
Size 163.2Mb
Offered ByNEKKI

Shadow Fight 2 is a challenging and rewarding game that offers an immersive combat experience. It is a must-play for any genre fan with unique characters, intense fights, and stunning graphics.

Shadow Fight 2 features an intuitive control system that makes it easy to fight your way through the hordes of enemies. Plenty of content keeps you coming back for more, with three different fighting styles and nine different arenas to fight in.

What is Shadow Fight 2?

Shadow Fight 2 is a 3D fighting video game focused on combos and fast-paced action, Developed by Nekki. It is the sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit. The game was first released on July 22, 2014, and later updated many times with different versions.

History of Shadow Fight 2

It is a fighting game released in 2014 by the developer Nekki, iLogos Europe. The game was a remake of an earlier game, Shadow Fight, which had been unreleased since 2008. Its release was met with mixed reviews from critics; while some praised its art and gameplay, others found the controls and camera to be poor. Nevertheless, the game became popular among video gamers, selling over two million copies by early 2017.


This is an intense, fast-paced fighting game that puts you in the role of one of several fighters as they take on hordes of enemies in a variety of locations. The storyline follows your character as they fight through consecutive waves of monsters, culminating in a fight against the game’s final boss.

Shadow Fight 2 Latest Version


Shadow Fight 2 is a stylish and violent action game that pits two fighters against each other in brutal, fast-paced combat. With a vast arsenal of punches, kicks, and weapons at their disposal, the fighters must use all their ingenuity and strength to survive through hordes of enemies, culminating in an epic showdown against the game’s final boss.

Shadow Fight 2 immerses gamers in its beautifully crafted world, with lush environments and intense fight sequences. The combat system is well executed, and the graphics are good. The game also has a lot of unlockables and bonus content that can keep you playing for hours on end.

Main characters in Shadow Fight 2?

There are many characters, and one of 12 characters, players will face off against opponents in three arenas, each with its hazards and obstacles. The main characters of Shadow Fight 2 are Andy and Alice. Andy is a strong fighter who uses his heavy weapon to damage his opponents significantly. Alice is a skilled magician who can use her spells to weaken or destroy her opponents.

Read more about Characters of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 Characters

Download Shadow Fight 2

To download, you must click on the link below. After clicking on the button, it will be saved to your device.

How to install the Game

To install Shadow Fight APK, users need to download the game from the link given in the post or from Google Play Store and launch it. After that, they need to click “Activate” to install the game on their computer. Once done, they can start playing it by clicking on “Play” in the main menu.

Features of Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight has extraordinary features that make it a top choice for every game lover. Let’s discussed some of the main features of the game:

New Epic Battles

In Shadow Fight APK, players will take on the role of one of six unique fighters and use their martial arts skills to defeat hordes of enemies in thrilling combat encounters. The game features a massive world filled with unforgettable sights and challenges and an extensive loot system that lets players customize their characters to their liking.

Powerful Battle Magic

Shadow Fight 2 features powerful battle magic. The game is based on the Chinese martial arts movie Shadow Fight. Players can use their magical abilities to defeat their opponents.

Power full magic system in Shadow Fight 2

Best Fighting Animation

Shadow Fight 2 has a 3D fighting game with excellent animation. It has amazingly smooth motion and fantastic choreography. The characters are very well designed, with finely tuned movements that make them look realistic and engaging to watch. The animations also help to set the mood and tone of the game, making it an enjoyable experience even when you’re not fighting.

Gather Clan Raids

Gather clan raids are an essential part of the Shadow Fight 2 experience. They offer a unique way of teaming up with other players and taking down powerful bosses. Here are some tips for getting the most out of these events.

  • Gather your friends. The more people you have participating, the easier it is to take down the boss.
  • Choose your strategy wisely. Each boss has different abilities and techniques that will need to be used to defeat them.
  • Make use of environmental objects and buffs. Many raid bosses are vulnerable to certain elements, so take advantage of fire traps or healing plants when necessary.
  • Be prepared for a fight! Each raid is designed to be challenging, so don’t expect an easy victory no matter how many people you bring along.

Hundred of Weapons

Shadow Fight 2 boasts a large selection of weapons, from medieval swords to powerful firearms, each with unique mechanics and combos. With so many choices available, there’s sure to be something for every playstyle.

Locations with Stylish Music

Shadow Fight 2 is a visually stunning and challenging martial arts game that can be played on several devices, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game has been praised for its stylish combat, arcade feel, and catchy music.

Unique Fighting styles in shadow fight

Intuitive Controls to Devastate your Enemies

Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed fighting game offering intuitive controls that allow players to devastate their enemies quickly. With smooth gameplay and easy combos, It is perfect for anyone looking for a challenging but satisfying fighting experience. With its unique combat system, players can quickly master the basics of the game before moving on to more advanced techniques and strategies.

Fighting Interface Designed for Touch Screens

Fighting interface designed for touch screens is becoming more popular. This interface makes the game more engaging and fun to play. Players can control their characters with simple gestures. This increases the speed and accuracy of the player’s attacks.

Friends Against Fearsome Bosses

Players can choose from various fighters with unique fighting styles and moves. In addition to the single-player campaign, players can compete online in different multiplayer modes.

Six Different Worlds

What if there were six different worlds, each with unique rules? This is the premise behind Shadow Fight 2. In this game, you play as one of six special characters who inhabit these different worlds. Each character has their moves and abilities that make them unique. You’ll have to use all of your skills to defeat your opponents in each world.

Customize your Fighter with Epic Swords

Shadow Fight 2 is a fast-paced, tactical fighter that lets you customize your fighter with epic swords. Choose your weapons, armor, and accessories to make your fighter look and fight like no other. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a sword for everyone.


Shadow Fight 2 is a fantastic game that offers an exciting and unique combat system. The graphics are beautiful, and the voice acting is top-notch, making this game one of the best fighting games on the market. Overall, Shadow Fight 2 is an excellent game that should not be missed by anyone looking for an engaging and exciting combat experience.

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