Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper [Get Blood Reaper for free]

Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper

The Blood Reaper in Shadow Fight 2 is one of the most feared weapons. It’s an exotic weapon that can only be obtained by players who have reached level 50 or above. The Blood Reaper has a special ability that makes it even more deadly, as it deals critical damage to opponents when used correctly. This weapon is not just for show; it’s designed to kill.

Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper Basic Information

Shadow Fight 2 is a game that has recently caught the attention of many gamers. Its unique storyline and captivating gameplay have become one of the most popular fighting games. The game takes you through a journey where you fight against various opponents to climb up the ladder and reach the top.

The Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper is one of the dangerous weapon in Shadow Fight 2. It possesses incredible strength and agility, making a formidable Stricker for even the most skilled players. It is a signature weapon with pair of razor-sharp scythes that is uses to devastating effect in battle. Despite its fearsome reputation, mastering in the Blood Reaper is essential if players hope to progress through the game and unlock new challenges.

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The Blood Reaper as a Super Weapon 

One of the game’s most sought-after weapons is The Blood Reaper, a super weapon from Act I. This powerful weapon has become a fan favorite due to its unique design and devastating abilities.

The Blood Reaper appears in Shadow Fight 2 as a sickle with blood-red blades attached to it. Players can obtain this weapon by defeating Lynx, the first boss in Act I. Once obtained, players can upgrade The Blood Reaper using coins or gems, making it even more deadly on the battlefield.

In addition to its striking appearance, The Blood Reaper boasts impressive stats, including high damage output and quick attack speed. This makes it ideal for players who prefer fast-paced combat with plenty of damage dealt in each strike.

Blood Reaper Is Based on the Kusarigama

The Blood Reaper is a deadly kusarigama-based (traditional Japanese) weapon that will leave your opponents reeling. As one of the most powerful weapons in Shadow Fight 2, this instrument of destruction is perfect for those who want to crush their foes with lethal precision.

At its core, the Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper is a traditional Japanese weapon that combines both range and melee combat. With its long chain and sickle-like blade, it can be used to strike from afar or up close and personal. The unique design allows for a wide range of attacks, making it an effective tool for any situation.

Blood Reaper

Blood Reaper Can Be Unlocked At Level 6

To unlock the Blood Reaper, players must reach level 6 and purchase it from the shop using coins or gems.

Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper Price

Blood Reaper can be bought from the store using 125 gems. One hundred twenty-five gems may seem like a lot, but it’s worth it for those who want to dominate their opponents. To purchase the Blood Reaper, players must first accumulate enough gems by completing various quests and challenges in the game.

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The Kusarigama

Kusarigama is traditional weapon made by lower cast people for their safety because they were not allowed to use swords. It is made with sickle connected with chains which is used in farming.

Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper Features

Following are some of the exciting features of Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper.

Long Range

This powerful and deadly weapon allows players to attack opponents from long range. The Blood Reaper features a sharp blade that can easily cut through any armor or shield. In addition to its long-range capabilities, the Blood Reaper has a unique special move called “Bloodlust.” When activated, this move increases the player’s damage output and rapidly drains their opponent’s health. This makes it an excellent weapon for players who prefer to stay at a distance and strike from afar.

Overall, the addition of the Blood Reaper to Shadow Fight 2 adds another layer of depth to an already engaging game. With its long-range attacks and deadly special moves, players will have plenty of new strategies and tactics to explore as they battle their way through the game’s various levels and challenges.

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Slow Attack Speed

Players must learn to be patient and wait for the perfect moment to strike their opponents. This slow-paced gameplay makes it more challenging and requires players to develop unique strategies.

As you progress through the levels, new moves and weapons become available, adding depth and variety to gameplay. The blood reaper weapon is a favorite among players due to its stylish design and powerful attacks. It deals heavy damage when used correctly but requires precision timing due to its sluggish nature. Combining this weapon with quick strikes can be devastating for your enemies.

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Bleeding Enchantment

The Blood Reaper now comes with the Bleeding enchantment, making it even more powerful. This enhancement allows players to cause bleeding damage to their opponents every time they land a hit. This feature adds a new level of strategy to the game, as players can now use this weapon to wear down their opponents over time while dodging attacks.

In addition to its bleeding effects, the Blood Reaper boasts enhanced stats, making it a formidable weapon in any fight. Its attack power has been increased significantly, making it capable of inflicting massive damage upon enemies.

Shadow Fight 2 blood reaper enchantment

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Shadow Fight 2 Blood Reaper is a fantastic addition to the game’s roster of weapons. Its unique design and impressive stats make it a formidable tool for any player looking to dominate in battles. While acquiring it may be challenging, the effort is undoubtedly worth it. The weapon’s abilities and striking visuals add excitement to an already thrilling gameplay experience. If you haven’t already, try the Blood Reaper in Shadow Fight 2 – you won’t regret it!

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