How to get Monk Set In Shadow Fight 2 [Working Method]

How to get Monk Set In Shadow Fight 2

Are you a fan of the popular mobile game Shadow Fight 2 and wondering how to obtain the coveted Monk Set? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process of acquiring Monk Set In Shadow Fight 2. The Monk Set is known for its incredible speed and agility, making it a favorite among players who prefer a fast-paced fighting style.

Monk Set In Shadow Fight 2

If you’re an avid player of the popular mobile game Shadow Fight 2, you’ve probably come across the coveted Monk Set. This unique set of robes is visually appealing and enhances your character’s abilities during combat.

To start your quest for the Monk Set, you must first reach level 7 in the game. Once you have achieved this milestone, head to the shop section, where various items are available. Look for a special offer labeled Monk Set and click on it to make your purchase. The set consists of four different pieces: the Monk’s Mask, Monk’s Robe, Monk’s Pants, and Monk’s Shoes. Each piece provides unique bonuses that enhance your character’s abilities in combat.

monk set

Helmet Monks

The first item you’ll need is the Helmet Monks, which can be found by defeating various opponents in different game stages.

To start your journey towards obtaining the Helmet Monks, ensure you have reached Act 1. Here, you’ll encounter a fierce opponent called Hermit, who possesses the Helmet Monks. Defeating Hermit may prove challenging, but with practice and determination, victory will be yours. Once defeated, collect your reward – the Helmet Monks – and add them to your growing inventory. Now that you’ve obtained the Helmet Monks, it’s time to continue your quest for the complete Monk Set.

Monk helmet In Shadow Fight 2

Shurikens monks

To begin your journey towards becoming a fearsome monk, you must first reach Act 2 in Shadow Fight 2. Once there, progress through the main storyline until you encounter Shin, one of the game’s key characters with immense martial arts knowledge. Engage in a fierce battle with him and emerge victorious to earn his respect and gain access to his training ground.

Katars Monks

To obtain this coveted set, you’ll need to focus on acquiring Katars – a unique weapon essential for completing the Monk Set In Shadow Fight 2.

To start Moving toward Monk Set In Shadow Fight 2, you must first gather enough resources to purchase Katars. These weapons can be found in various locations throughout Shadow Fight 2, including chests, shops, or as rewards for defeating challenging opponents. Focus on exploring different game modes and engaging in battles to increase your chances of stumbling upon these elusive weapons. Additionally, watch for special events or limited-time offers that may provide more opportunities for obtaining Katars.

Robe Monks

To obtain the Monk Set in Shadow Fight 2, players need to reach a certain level of progress in the game. The set becomes available at Level 14, so you should focus on completing quests and defeating opponents to advance quickly. Once you have reached Level 14, head over to the shop, where you can find a variety of items for purchase. Look for the Robe Monks section, and there it is – your long-awaited Monk Set!

Monk Rob in Shadow Fight 2

Amulet Monks

The Monk Set is one of the most sought-after armor sets in the game, known for its unique abilities and stunning design. To obtain this powerful set, you must acquire items called Amulets from defeating opponents known as Monks.

The first step towards obtaining the Monk Set is to challenge and defeat different Monks scattered throughout various levels in Shadow Fight 2. Each defeated Monk will drop a specific Amulet essential for completing the set. These Amulets act as puzzle pieces, with each one representing a part of the whole outfit.

monk amulet

Monk Katars

One crucial component of the Monk Set In Shadow Fight 2 is the Monk Katars. These deadly weapons can be obtained by defeating the three bodyguards in Act V, Chapter 1: The Greatest Temptation. Each bodyguard possesses a different type of weapon, but once you defeat them all, they will be added to your collection.

You’ll need to find additional pieces apart from the Monk Katars to acquire the full Monk Set.

Stages to Get a Monk Set in Shadow Fight 2

The first stage in obtaining the Monk Set is reaching level 23 in Shadow Fight 2. As you progress through the game’s challenging levels and defeat formidable opponents, your character’s experience points will increase. Keep honing your skills and strategy until you reach level 23, unlocking new weapons and equipment.

Once you’ve reached level 23, head over to Lynx, one of the game’s fearless bosses. Defeating Lynx multiple times will reward you with various pieces of his gear set – including crucial components for the Monk Set.

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Special Abilities

The Monk set comes with special enchantments or abilities that can enhance the player’s combat effectiveness. These abilities can include increased damage, faster attack speed, improved defense, or unique effects that trigger under specific circumstances. These attributes make the Monk set a sought-after choice for players aiming to optimize their fighting style.

benefits of getting Monk set in Shadow Fight 2

Following are some benefits of monk set in shadow Fight 2.

One of the primary advantages of acquiring this set is the increase in health points, which provides much-needed durability during battles. With higher health points, you can withstand more damage and last longer against fierce opponents.

Furthermore, the Monk Set offers enhanced critical hit chances. Critical hits deal significantly more damage than regular attacks, giving you an upper hand in defeating your adversaries swiftly. This increased critical hit rate counts each strike, allowing you to dominate opponents easily.

Moreover, wearing the Monk Set grants additional shadow energy regeneration. Shadow energy is vital for powerful special moves that can turn the tide of any battle. The faster regeneration rate enables you to unleash devastating combos more frequently, overwhelming your foes before they have a chance to react.

Monk Set Components

Monk Set Components and How to Get Them in Shadow Fight 2

To obtain this formidable set, players need to gather four specific components: the Daisho swords, the Naginata spear, the Nunchaku weapon, and the Monk’s Robe.

The first component required for the Monk Set is the Daisho swords. These are legendary weapons that can only be obtained by defeating Shogun, one of the toughest opponents in Shadow Fight 2. Once you defeat him in combat, you will be rewarded with these powerful blades. The second component is the Naginata spear, which can be obtained by defeating Widow in Act VII: Chapter 3 of Eclipse Mode.

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Customization and Progression

The Monk set is one of many equipment options available in Shadow Fight 2. Players can further customize their character’s appearance and abilities by collecting and upgrading various sets, weapons, and armor throughout the game.

Restricted track

To start your journey towards acquiring the Monk Set, you must first unlock the restricted track in Shadow Fight 2. This track is only accessible once you reach level 5, so level up by engaging in battles and completing quests. Once unlocked, head to the shop section to purchase booster packs containing weapons, armor, and gems.

Unlock Mythical Enchantment

To start your journey towards acquiring the Monk Set, you must first defeat all six bodyguards at each level of the Ascension mode. This challenging mode becomes available once you reach level 52 in Story mode. Each bodyguard has a unique fighting style and moves, so it’s crucial to study their patterns and develop effective counterattacks to emerge victorious.

Once you’ve defeated all the bodyguards, head to Act VII: Chapter 3 – Wolf’s Den. Here lies Widow, one of Shadow Fight 2’s most formidable opponents.

monk enchantment

Unlock the Sentinel Set in Shadow Fight 2

Once you’ve reached level 50, it’s time to start collecting resources. To unlock the Monk Set, you’ll need a combination of two items: Throwing Daggers and Studded Sai. These items can be obtained by playing duels or winning them as rewards. Keep an eye out for special events or challenges that offer these resources as prizes – participating in these events will increase your chances of obtaining them.


In conclusion, obtaining the Monk set in Shadow Fight 2 may seem challenging at first, but with dedication and perseverance, it can be achieved. Players can increase their chances of acquiring this powerful set by following the steps outlined in this article and utilizing the tips provided. Remember to prioritize completing tournaments and challenges and taking advantage of special events and offers. Remember to enhance your gameplay skills by practicing and mastering different fighting techniques. So why wait? Begin your journey towards unlocking the Monk set today and become a formidable warrior in Shadow Fight 2!

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To get the Monk Set, players need to defeat Hermit, one of the toughest opponents in the game. Hermit can be found in Act II’s Tournament and challenges players with his swift movements and deadly attacks. Defeating him will reward you with pieces of the Monk Set, which includes a helmet, armor, and weapon. Once equipped, this set boosts your character’s damage dealt by punches and kicks while increasing their ability to block incoming hits.

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